Expand VirtualBox Debian encrypted disk

Expand a luks encrypted root partition in a Debian Stretch Virtualbox machine.

I have a VirtualBox machine with full disk encryption. The space for the root partition is almost finished.

Expand VirtualBox vdi size

Remove all snapshots or clone the machine. Make a backup copy.

Expand from command line

The command to resize the disk is

VBoxManage modifymedium <absolute path to file> --resize <size in MB>

If VBoxManage is not in PATH add the full path

"C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage" modifymedium disk "D:\VirtualBox VMs\DebianBP Zap\DebianBP Zap.vdi" --resize 40000

Expand from VirtualBox GUI

  • Open the application
  • File -> Virtual Media Manager
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the disk
  • Select the new size
  • Click Apply

VirtualBox resize disk

Live CD

  • Download System rescue cd
  • Attach the image to the virtual machine
  • Boot
  • Choose “start the graphical environment”

graphical environment

  • Keymap for italian keyboard is 21


Original steps from stackexchange

Actual partitioning of sda is

  • 1 256MB primary boot
  • 2 32GB extended
    • 5 32GB logical

Modified steps for my partition layout

  1. open the encrypted volume

    cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 crypt-volume
  2. extend the partition

    parted /dev/sda
    resizepart 2 100%
    resizepart 5 100%
  3. stop using the VG

    # display attributes of volume groups, the name zap-bp-vg is from the "VG Name"
    # deactivate the VG
    vgchange -a n zap-bp-vg
  4. close the encrypted volume

    cryptsetup luksClose crypt-volume
  5. open it again

    cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 crypt-volume
  6. resize the LUKS volume to the available space

    cryptsetup resize crypt-volume
  7. Activate the VG

    vgchange -a y zap-bp-vg
  8. Resize the PV

    pvresize /dev/mapper/crypt-volume
  9. Resize the LV for / to 100% of the free space

    # display attributes of a logical volume, the name /dev/zap-bp-vg/root is from the "LV Path"
    lvresize -l+100%FREE /dev/zap-bp-vg/root
  10. check the fs

    # find the volume path
    ls /dev/mapper/
    e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/zap--bg--vg-root
  11. resize the filesystem (automatically uses 100% free space)

    resize2fs /dev/mapper/zap--bg--vg-root

Reboot and remove the System rescue cd image.