Job model

Create a folder for the models src/app/_models

Create in a new file _models/entity.model.ts a generic class with an id for the firestore document id and value for the entity.

export class Entity<T> {
  constructor(public id: string, public value: T) {}

Create a new file _models/job.model.ts

import { JobStatus } from './job-status.model';

export interface Job {
    description: string;
    company: string;
    agency: string;
    lead: string;
    companyUrl: string;
    offerUrl: string;
    status: JobStatus;
    createdAt: Date;
    updatedAt: Date;
    location: string;
    contract: string;

The basic model needs a bit of refining, for now the only thing we need is the status enum.

Create a new file _models/job-status.model.ts

export enum JobStatus {
  preparation = 'Preparation',
  application = 'Application',
  negotiation = 'Negotiation',
  closed = 'Closed'

When we need a job document we will use a Entity so the component can store both the document id and the document.