KeeCloud on Keepass2 to sync with Dropbox using Ubuntu

Installation and configuration of Keecloud a Keepass2 plugin that can open and synchronize a file from Dropbox.

Before installing any keepass2 plugin we need the full mono installation

sudo apt install mono-complete

The other available plugin KeeAnywhere is currently NOT working with mono.

KeeCloud installation

Get the latest plgx from the official download page

sudo mv KeeCloud. /usr/lib/keepass2/Plugins/
sudo chown root:root /usr/lib/keepass2/Plugins/KeeCloud.


Open Keepass then from the Tools menu select URL Credential Wizard

Select Dropbox as a provider then a new browser will launch asking to “Sign in to Dropbox to link with KeeCloud” enter your Dropbox credentials then allow access.

A code will appear, copy and paste it in the Credential Configuration window.

Click Next and in the new window click Show Password copy the new password for the next step (this one is different from the previous one).

Opening a file

From the File menu select Open -> Open URL

Enter the url for your file in the form


Leave the username empty and paste the password from the previous step. Select Remember user name and Password.

Click OK and voilĂ .