Nextcloud using docker on ovh vps

Installing Nexctcloud personal cloud server using docker on a virtual private server hosted by OVH

Nextcloud is a private cloud service platform. I plan to use it for personal and family usage, just to move some of my personal data away from third parties.

Official build for docker source and dockerhub.

There is a good starting example in github (the postgres version has an open bug and the workaround is not worth my time).

mkdir nextcloud
cd nextcloud
mkdir git
cd git
git clone
cp docker/.examples/docker-compose/with-nginx-proxy/mariadb/apache/* ../ -r
cd ..

Now in the folder ~/nextcloud we have the git clone and the directory. It is possible to remove the git folder.

rm -r git

Edit db.env and put a new strong password for the database user

Edit docker-compose.yml and

  • add a strong password for MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=
  • insert your nextcloud domain behind VIRTUAL_HOST= and LETSENCRYPT_HOST= (yes the same cloud.domain.tld in both fields)
  • enter a valid email behind LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL=

Build the images

docker-compose build --pull


docker-compose up -d

Open the browser to the address specified in VIRTUAL_HOST= and create an admin user.

Post install

Bigint fix

I used portainer to execute a update command (bigint identifiers).

In portainer select the container nextcloud_app_1 (or whatever the name/number is for your installation) click on >_ to execute a console command

command: php occ db:convert-filecache-bigint
user: www-data

Execution may take some time and I really don’t understand why this was not alredy the default.

Email SMTP

I registered a free Mailgun account without any domain. Before you can use the SMTP go into the default domain that mailgun generated and scroll down to Authorized Recipients and add the email address for your administrator and for your users. This can be done for up to 5 email. Eventually you can subscribe to the pay as you go plan that is also free.

Mailgun will send a mail to each authorized recipient, open the message and follow the instruction to enable the address.

From Nextcloud administration in the section basic settings

  • Send mode: SMTP
  • Encryption: STARTTLS
  • From address: postmaster
  • Authentication method: Login
  • Authentication required: yes
  • Server address:
  • Port: 2525
  • Credential: [email protected]
  • Password

Click the button to send a test mail and if all is good a mail will arrive in a few seconds.