Create a GitHub repo from a local git

Adding a local project to Github from Windows using Visual Studio 2015 and GitHub Desktop.

This is not the best way to add a local project to github. It is just a way that works using Visual Studio and GitHub Desktop with a small manual intervention.

A shorter path is possible by letting GitHub Desktop create the repository.

Visual Studio

Using Visual Studio right click on the solution in Solution Explorer and select Add Solution to Source Control. This is equivalent to: git init, creating .gitattributes and .gitignore files and git add ..

Create a new repository on GitHub, add a description and do not select Initialize this repository with a README.

Command line

Open Git Bash and go to the solution directory.

Copy the https url from the repository creation page.

git remote add origin

Verify the new remote

git remote -v

GitHub Desktop

From GitHub Desktop select Add a local repository browse to the solution folder and select Add Repository.

After a few seconds the repository is ready to be pushed. Click on Publish branch.