Respin Xubuntu for Ezbook 3s

Isorepin is a script that can customize an ISO to be able to boot on apollo lake systems.

I bought a cheap laptop from china: Ezbook 3S.

To boot Xubuntu a bit of trickery has to be done on the iso image.

Official IsoRespin instructions.


cd ~/Downloads/
chmod +x
# Official dependency list
#sudo apt -y install bc curl losetup ip isoinfo mkdosfs mksquashfs rsync
#sudo apt -y install unsquashfs unzip wget xargs xorriso

sudo apt -y install xorriso

# Respin the iso with apollo support
./ -i /home/zap/Downloads/xubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.iso --apollo

Wrote the image using Rufus in iso mode.