Linux tmux

Using tmux command to mantain a remote session open between ssh sessions for long running tasks with multiple shell windows

Install and run

sudo apt install tmux

To send a command press Ctrl+b then the command character. Use ? for help.

Ctrl+b ? show help


Ctrl+b % vertical split

Ctrl+b “ horizontal split

Ctrl-b <arrow key> change panel

Ctrl-b Ctrl-<arrow key> resize the panel in the specified direction

Ctrl-d or exit close a panel


Ctrl-b c create a window

Ctrl-b n next window

Ctrl-b p previous window

Detach and reattach

Ctrl-b d detach the current session


# List existing sessions
tmux ls
# Attach to session 0
tmux attach -t 0

Session names

# create a new named session
tmux new -s database
# rename an existing session
tmux rename-session -t 0 database
# connect to named session
tmux attach -t database

Other nice commands

Ctrl-b z make a panel go full screen and back to normal size

Ctrl-b , rename the current window